Move over Rudolph and all you mimsy Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Nihon Break Kogyo’s musical exhortation to demolish buildings, written and performed by one of the company's employees, bulldozed its way into Japan’s top Oricon music chart at number 22 last week.

Possibly the most outlandish Christmas hit of all time, the corporate anthem of the tiny Japanese demolition company urges its workforce: "We will destroy houses. We will destroy bridges. We will destroy buildings. To the east, to the west, run, run, Nihon Break Kogyo!"

Eat your heart out, Eminem!

Those who have heard the recording attribute its popularity to the fact that it belies the usual anodyne company song -- offering instead a throbbing punk rock-style pungency.

Written by a 32-year old demolisher and wannabe musician (stage-name Manzo), the song's popularity has spread beyond Nippon's shores thanks to the internet. One reviewer on the Amazon site reports: "The lyrics have an enormous impact. Maybe this song is more radical and aggressive than songs created by mediocre punk rock bands."

Explains Nihon Break Kogyo director Shogo Kurita: "We decided to sell CD copies of our company song simply because we didn’t want to handle so many phone calls and internet inquiries any more."

Apparently, the firm's sixteen staff had become swamped by over one hundred calls daily asking about the song or where it could be bought.

Data sourced from: Times Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff