HONG KONG: Three-quarters (75%) of consumers in Hong Kong who engage in mobile search do so while commuting compared with the home (73%) or the workplace (58%), a new survey has shown.

Conducted by Yahoo Hong Kong Advertising, the study of more than 1,000 local users also found that, while they depend heavily on mobile to get the best search results, nearly two-thirds (65%) say small screen size inhibits them from scrolling down for more search results.

This has implications for advertisers, Marketing Interactive reported, because the study claims that mobile search can be effective at driving ad revenue.

A full 58% of respondents say they would click on an ad while almost a third (30%) would go on to make a purchase or conduct more research.

Location-based services prove popular in Hong Kong, the report continued, with 59% of survey participants saying they use mobile search mainly because of the location function.

In terms of the main channels used by mobile consumers when they start their search, WAP Search Box and URL field scores 44% and 42% respectively compared with only 27% who use apps.

Nonetheless, Yahoo is experimenting with a new video-texting app, called Livetext, which it launched earlier this month.

Currently available only in Hong Kong, Livetext is free to use, works over a device's Wi-Fi or mobile connection and is focused on individual messaging rather than group chats.

Yahoo claims Livetext is not an alternative to a smartphone's built-in mobile apps, but rather acts as a "new way to stay in touch".

Data sourced from Marketing Interactive, PC Mag; additional content by Warc staff