PHILADELPHIA: America's biggest cable company Comcast will launch a new website later this year as part of its push to broadcast more material online.

The new site, Fancast, will provide information on TV programs and movies, informing viewers if they can be watched on-demand or are available elsewhere on the internet.

The company's current site,, is limited to high-speed internet users, but its new offering will be accessible to all comers.

Comcast also purchased Fandango, a movie news and ticket website, for an undisclosed sumthis week - ampve that is seen as a shift of focus online as consumers' viewing habits change.

Explains Comcast Interactive Media evp Sam Schwartz: "It is Comcast's intention to distribute professionally produced video content on the internet. This is attractive for advertisers because there is not a lot of inventory of legitimate content on the internet."

Schwartz also believes the move will benefit consumers, who are currently "a bit confused".

He added: "They have more choices than ever in terms of being able to watch videos on television or on the internet, and we want to help them cut through some of the clutter."

Data sourced from Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff