Coca-Cola is still the UK’s biggest brand, but Britons are developing a taste for health foods and Australian wine, judging by the annual survey of the country’s top fifty brands by AC Nielsen and Marketing magazine.

There has been little change at the top – all seven leading products were also in the principal septet last year. Well in front was Coke with sales of £665–£770m in the year to April, followed by PepsiCo-owned Walker’s crisps with £480m–£485m. The only brands near the top to see significant growth were Stella Artois lager and Müller yoghurts, both registering an increase in sales of over 20%.

Rankings shifted more dramatically further down the list, with Procter & Gamble’s orange drink Sunny Delight tumbling from sixteenth place to number 42, following a 35% drop in sales.

The ten best-selling brands according to the survey were:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Walker's
3. Nescafé
4. Stella Artois
5. Müller
6. Persil
7. Andrex toilet tissue
8. Robinson's juices
9. Kit Kat
10. Pepsi

Topping the table of fastest growing brands was artificial sweetener Nothing Comes Closer to Sugar, owned by Silver Spoon, which enjoyed 3,200% growth, though it spent more on advertising than it gained in sales. Health foods featured prominently, with Provamel soya products and wholesome baby foods Hipp and Baby Organix among the twenty fastest growers.

Australian wines also experienced rapid growth – Hardy’s Stamps, Banrock Station, Blossom Hill and Lindemans all appeared in the top twenty. In fact, wine was the fastest growing sector, followed by pot desserts, cakes and cider.

Fabric care witnessed the worst year-on-year change, with sales falling 6%. This came despite adspend of £59m, making it the second highest sector by marketing expenditure behind personal care, which spent £74m and saw marginal sales growth.

The ten fastest growing brands are:

1. Nothing Comes Closer to Sugar
2. Charmin
3. Lowther's Cakes
4. Baby Organix
5. Danone Bio Activ
6. Banrock Station
7. Supasweet
8. Hipp
9. Homepride Pasta Sauces
10. Blossom Hill

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)