US beverage behemoth Coca-Cola is not prone to abandoning an investment into which it has already poured millions of dollars.

Namely Wayne Rooney, the eighteen-year old Everton and England soccer wunderkind, recently alleged by the tabloid Sunday Mirror to have scored in a brothel.

Rooney's behaviour does not accord with Coke's desired image, his post-pubescent hormones seemingly at odds with the brand's asexuality. But as dumping the randy Rooney would not be congruous with Coke's ROI policy (his contract still has two years to run) the Atlanta-headquartered company instead opted to issue a fatherly warning.

The errant soccer star, it claimed, "regretted his mistakes and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance". Coke hoped he would henceforth "take full responsibility for his actions on and off the field, and concentrate on fulfilling his fantastic potential on the pitch".

It added: "We're with him for his footballing ability and still believe that he is a great talent on the football pitch." However, should Rooney again be caught publicly with his pants down, Coke warned it would not be so lenient.

Rooney's other bigtime sponsors, Nike and Ford Motor Company -- the latter providing the teenager and his family with cars -- were equally supportive.

Although it is uncertain how the auto giant would react should the paparazzi discover Rooney attempting to repeat his feat in the back seat of a Galaxy.

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