Two US marketing titans -the Coca-Cola Company and Apple Computer - have formed an alliance that will enable Coke's European consumers to download the latter's iTunes at zero cost.

The long term deal, which spans an unspecified number of years, will allow Coke consumers to download up to seventy million songs. The offering, to be launched August 9 in the UK and Germany, will eventually roll-out to a total of twenty-seven European nations.

Coke, an enthusiast for the promotional benefits of music downloads, has already closed its own download service, MyCokeMusic, in the UK and will similarly close its mirror websites across Europe.

Coke-heads will henceforth get their music fixes via a Coca-Cola branded section within the iTunes website. Access to iTunes will also be available at a new dedicated music portal, The site will also allow unsigned bands to upload their music.

Consumers will be able to download music tracks normally priced at £0.79 ($1.48; €1.16) for free by keying in unique promotional codes printed on Diet and Classic Coke bottles.

That's the innovative marketing bit. Now the orotund bit . . .

"The deal is not just the joining of two great youth brands, it is also great for the music industry and artists, as it will further drive the promotion of legal downloading," intoned Chris Burggraeve, Coke's European Union marketing director.

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