Soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola Great Britain is re-branding the "diet" and "lite" versions of some of it youth products.

From next month sugar-free Lilt, Dr Pepper, Sprite and Fanta will be marketed under the umbrella brand of Z, which stands for "zero added sugar". A heavyweight marketing campaign will be launched in May.

The company says the Z brand has been developed in response to consumers' lifestyle choices and to combat misconceptions about the terms "diet" and "lite".

Diet Coke will not be affected by the change.

  • Coca-Cola is also set to produce a cholesterol-reducing health drink next year. The company has applied for permission from the British Food Standards Agency to add phytosterol, a natural plant extract, to a range of fruit juices.

    The agency says it has provisionally approved Coca-Cola's use of the ingredient, but it now has to be scrutinised by the EU.

    Assuming the rebranding and new product rollouts are successful, they could be extended on a global basis.

    Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff