For the first time in its 100-plus year history the Coca-Cola Company has run an ad featuring every one of its thirty-two beverage brands – ranging from the eponymous Coke through to Dansani bottled water.

The strategic objective is corporate rather than brand-driven. It reflects Coca-Cola’s wish to be seen – on Capitol Hill and other spheres of influence on public health issues – as a corporation that sells healthier offerings alongside its sugary core brand.

Explained chairman/ceo Douglas Daft in an August 25 memo to all US-based staff: “Our broad product line, led by Coca-Cola, is the foundation of our commitment to consumers. That commitment also encompasses having the right policies in schools and in the marketplace; supporting programs to encourage physical activity and promote nutrition education; and continuously innovating to meet changing consumer needs and provide choice.”

A series of print ads, created by Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, broke Wednesday in newspapers such as USA Today and the New York Times. The ads depict a lineup of all thirty-two brands and are topped and tailed with two slogans: “There is one goal. To refresh the world ... any way you want.” And: “Choice From The Coca-Cola Company.”

The campaign features the entire product range from sodas such as Sprite ReMix to Coke Classic to Minute Maid lemonade and Odwalla carrot juice. Following Wednesday's launch, it rolled out Thursday in other newspapers across Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Seattle.

Significantly, ads will also appear in Washington ‘house magazines’ like Roll Call and The Hill. A second burst using the same media mix, supplemented by billboards, will break in October.

Coca-Cola declined to reveal the cost of the campaign but the amount will be be minuscule alongside the company’s $403 million (€371.32m; £256.23m) US ad budget.

Data sourced from: The Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff