A closed-door summit meeting of America's largest TV and radio broadcasters has been scheduled at a hotel in Washington DC in the near future -- although the date is as closely-guarded a secret as the venue.

Topping the agenda is the draconian new legislation governing -- and penalties levied on -- broadcast 'indecency'. Conscious that the Federal Communications Commission is under increasing pressure to revoke the licenses of repetitive offenders, the National Association of Broadcasters has called an emergency meeting

Says NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton: "We thought it was an appropriate time for the industry to get in one room and discuss an appropriate response. We're not oblivious to some of the concerns that have been expressed by both parents and policy-makers."

Why the secrecy? It is necessary, said Wharton, "in order to really have an honest and serious discussion and dialog."

Data sourced from: The Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff