NEW YORK: Clorox, the household goods manufacturer, is boosting its Hispanic-focused adspend, in reflection of the importance this audience has for its categories and brands.

James Reyna/sales planning manager, multicultural team at The Clorox Company, discussed this topic at Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper: EAST 2014, an event run by the Brand Activation Association (BAA).

And he told the delegates that Clorox hoped to lead its rivals when it comes to advertising expenditure through Hispanic-focused media. (For more, including further details of the company's strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: Why Hispanic shoppers are vital for Clorox content.)

"We want to the one primary brand for the consumer in each of our categories. And so every year we step up our investment when it comes to media," he said.

In 2005, Hispanic channels took just 6% of Clorox's media outlay. That figure has now reached 24% for its 2014 fiscal year.

"We are now investing nearly a quarter of our budget towards Hispanic, and almost a 100% share of voice in all the categories we compete in," Reyna said.

Such a strategy builds on the findings of research conducted by Clorox which showed that 50% of the growth recorded across its core sectors will be attributable to this demographic in the decade to 2020. "It really does boil down to economics," said Reyna.

Clorox is already in an enviable position, as many of its products over-index with this consumer group in terms of dollar share.

"Our portfolio is highly-developed with this consumer base," Reyna said. "We derive a great percentage of our business – not only for our categories, but for our brands – from Hispanics, so we need to make sure that we nurture that business with the right activities.

"We want to maintain this position because – again – this is a growing customer."

Data sourced from Warc