NEW YORK: Clorox is aiming to reach a wider audience - including dads and "joyful guardians" - as it adapts to changing habits and preferences in the cleaning category.

Erika Lamoreaux, The Clorox Co.'s associate director/digital media, discussed this idea at the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) 2015 Audience Measurement conference.

"In history, CPG brands have really focused on a singular demographic," she said. (For more, including results from the firm's consumer analysis, read Warc's exclusive report: Clorox throws legacy sheets to the wind.)

More specifically, most of these brand owners traditionally based their marketing efforts around a certain type - and sometimes idealised - mother.

"She's a mom. She has lily-white sheets in the wind," said Lamoreaux.

Although these customers are still undoubtedly important for Clorox, the company knows it must match evolving attitudes and behaviours. "We've branched out," she continued.

Fathers and younger consumers are two cohorts that the enterprise is more actively attempting to engage.

"We started to talk to dads," Lamoreaux said, with a particular focus around coupons. "We've also focused a little bit on millennials."

In connecting with the latter group, the firm has run a tongue-in-cheek campaign starring TV icon David Hasselhoff, and created cleaning products that are simpler to use.

Another point of focus is "joyful guardians" - a segment comprising 25-54-year-old women who are "increasingly and aggressively reactive to" digital channels.

"Our global insights organisation spends a huge amount of time doing research and in-home visits to find out who this person is," said Lamoreaux.

Data sourced from Warc