SEOUL: Clinique, the cosmetics brand, believes considerable advantages can be derived from using Asia Pacific as a testing ground for new mobile marketing strategies.

Clinique, part of Estée Lauder – a Euromonitor profile of which is available here – created a mobile app, the Clinique Forecast, in February, providing updates about the weather, humidity and similar matters, and offered related skincare advice.

This tool was developed and introduced in South Korea, where many shoppers have historically proved to be early adopters of new technologies.

"We believed it would be the ultimate litmus test to launch it with some of the most digitally-savvy consumers," Emily Culp, Clinique's VP, global digital/consumer marketing and media, told Forbes.

"With the Asia Pacific markets leading the way in terms of mobile use, we chose to pilot the Clinique Forecast app in Korea."

Culp argued the "test-and-learn" model utilised in South Korea helped determine if mobile applications appealed to its core audience, and what changes should be made to enhance engagement levels.

"From our launch in Korea we were able to modify the application and launch strategy before rolling it out to other markets," she said.

Among the main lessons yielded from this process was the vital importance of employing consistent messaging across all the different media touchpoints used.

Targeting category influencers was another fruitful tactic, while Clinique has also added QR codes, which can be scanned via smartphones, to print ads and in-store materials.

Other successful approaches include combining these efforts with social networks and its own website, boosting the awareness of the existing customer base and encouraging word of mouth.

Establishing the required metrics and systems to measure results prior to the start of the campaign is also essential, as is achieving the requisite flexibility to amend details once communications have begun.

"In order to stay on top of the latest advancements, it is critical to have at least one dedicated mobile expert on your team," Culp added. "The space moves too quickly not to have someone fully immersed in it."

Data sourced from Forbes; additional content by Warc staff