Of the 1,750 news reports appearing in WARC News during 2008, nine of the ten most downloaded stories concern clientside marketers – those wonderful folk whose signatures adorn adland's checks.

And the alpha bull leading the marketing herd is, inevitably, the planet's largest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, the subject of four of the top ten stories. 
Given that the ad industry's very existence is dependent on client marketers, it's pretty predictable that they account for 90% of the most popular news downloads.

But it could be misleading to read too much into that percentage. There are other factors that may have determined popularity.

For example, of those top ten news reports, seven were listed in first and second places under the heading 'Today's Top Stories' – suggesting that the positioning of a news story might impact as much on its download ranking as its subject matter

Likewise, the day of the week could be another factor affecting downloads – with 70% of the most popular news reports being published during the week's first half (Mon-Wed).

An interesting theory; but statistical tosh, of course, given that those three days equate to 60% of the week!

Or as Scottish man of letters Andrew Lang observed of a rival: "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts – for  support rather than illumination."

But enough statistical foreplay! Interpret their poularity as you will - these were 2008's Top Ten most viewed stories in WARC News …

Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (WARC.com)