MEXICO CITY: The vast majority of marketers in Mexico are satisfied with the performance of their creative and media agencies, according to a new study.

Grupo Consultores, the consultancy, surveyed more than 300 executives in the country, covering 273 relationships with creative agencies and 149 partnerships with media agencies.

Overall, it found that 82% of participants are currently "satisfied" with their creative agencies, a figure that fell to 78% for their media planning and buying providers.

In line with these figures, only 11% of the panel intended to change the make-up of their creative roster in the near future, while 18% expressed an intention to reallocate their media duties.

Advertisers in Mexico work with an average of 1.5 creative agencies and 1.2 media agencies, with these relationships typically lasting five years and four years respectively.

Some 82% of Mexican marketers carry out regular, formal evaluations of the work produced by their creative agencies, with 80% adopting the same approach where media is concerned.

"Efficient creativity" was argued to be the most important quality a brand's lead agency could possess, followed by good service and a sound knowledge of the client's specific sector.

Media specialists were assessed in terms of their strategic capabilities, alongside their negotiation skills and levels of service.

When reassigning their creative and media briefs, more than eight in ten Mexican brand owners conduct pitches, although only 12% offer compensation for the competitors in this process.

While around 16 agencies normally apply to take part in a creative review, this list is cut down to just three for making formal presentations.

When identifying the creative agencies which possessed some of the most talented individuals, senior executives from Olabuenaga Chemistri, Alazraki and TBWA all made the list.

Employees from Mindshare and MPG were afforded a similar status when it came to the media planners and buyers which were most highly regarded.

Elsewhere, Coca-Cola, the soft drinks giant, was said to have produced the most "remarkable" ad campaigns of the last two years, followed by El Palacio de Hierro, the department store chain.

Coca-Cola also took the top spot when it came to the companies with the "most admired" marketing in Mexico, followed by Procter & Gamble.

More broadly, advertisers in Mexico were found to have greater degrees of attachment to their agencies than was the case with their counterparts in markets such as China, Brazil, Spain and India.

Data sourced from Grupo Consultores; additional content by Warc staff