NEW YORK: Chobani, General Electric and Coca-Cola were the Olympic sponsors which made the most effective use of TV ads during the event in the eyes of consumers, new figures show.

Ace Metrix, the measurement firm, asked separate panels containing hundreds of viewers to rate the ads run by sponsors of the Games or Team USA on a 950-point scale, covering areas like how relevant, watchable, informative and persuasive they were.

Chobani, the yoghurt brand, and General Electric, the industrial conglomerate, tied for top spot. They each ran three TV ads during the Games, and both claimed an average score of 589 points overall.

Following next in the charts was Coca-Cola, the soft drinks manufacturer, on 582 points, albeit in relation to a rather more substantial 13 spots. Visa USA registered 573 points for its ten commercials.

An ad from GE, "First Chance" – which showed how its incubators had helped care for premature and sick babies in Homerton Hospital, London – recorded 646 points, the highest individual score.

Elsewhere, Procter & Gamble, the FMCG group, was named as the "most valuable player", as two ads from its multi-brand effort focusing on athletes' mothers came in the top three, on 638 points and 636 points respectively.

"The 'Thank You, Mom' campaign began securing top ad scores in April and continued serving up effective ads throughout the events," Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, said.

"P&G's ability to emotionally connect prior to the events and build upon the theme in real-time during the Games was a powerful combination."

However, while the 16 spots from the "Thank You, Mom" campaign logged an average score of 585 points, its total was dragged down to 540 points by the 26 single brand ads run over the course of the Games.

Nike, a sponsor of Team USA, was another operator enjoying mixed fortunes, peaking with its initial "Find Your Greatness" ad, lasting for 60 seconds and receiving 618 points.

"The long-form ‘Find Your Greatness' ad was undeniably effective at delivering the campaign's intended message – that greatness is within all of us. This ad's Information, Relevance and Attention scores soared," said Daboll.

However, 13 short-form clips aired as a follow up saw figures fall below the company's own average long term brand score on this measure, and were seen as "fragmented" and "confusing".

Data sourced from Ace Metrix; additional content by Warc staff