BEIJING: Chinese women, the traditional main shoppers of the family, are adopting online channels to carry out this task and are fuelling a digital retail boom, according to a recent report.

The China Internet Network Information Center surveyed 2,300 people across mainland China and found that 72% of married women say they are the decision-makers for their family's online shopping.

Some 79% of respondents reported that they paid using a third-party account balance, while 76% settled payments via online banking.

Further details of domestic arrangements are revealed as almost two thirds of married women said they know their husbands' PIN number and shop online using their husbands' bank accounts.

Online payments are a fast-growing application of the Chinese internet, with user numbers growing at 47.5% annually.

Security remains a concern, however, with just over 3% of respondents saying they have experienced an unsafe online payment; of these, almost two thirds were payments on phishing websites.

China's online retail market has grown significantly over the past five years, from 54bn yuan in 2007 to 756bn yuan in 2011 and will reach 2 trillion yuan by 2015.

Data sourced from China Daily; additional content by Warc staff