Following signs at the start of the year of a slowdown in Asian adspend [WAMN: 05-Apr-01; 19-Apr-01], new figures from AC Nielsen show that Q1 growth in the Chinese ad sector is down on last year.

Adspend in China’s cities jumped 17.5% to 20.5 billion yuan ($2.48bn) in the first quarter, down on last year’s growth rate of 36%. “Consumer spending [on non-durable products] isn’t growing at the pace we expected,” commented Bates Advertising’s regional director for China Barry Leung, “so our clients have been very conservative during the first quarter.”

Nevertheless, growth was still fairly strong given fears that the US downturn would spread into Asia. In comparison, over the first quarter in South Korea and Taiwan adspend is thought to have fallen in real terms.

News source: Wall Street Journal