No fewer than 268,000 new brands were registered in the People's Republic of China during the first six months of 2004, reports China Radio International.

According to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the total number of brands registered as at June 30 was 2.13 million. Key sectors for these registrations are foodstuffs, drugs, medical equipment and automobile components.

The torrent of capitalist-style hype emerging daily from this overheated economy tends to overshadow the fact that Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo (China to us occidentals) is still both a communist state and global nuclear force.

A fact that the equally overheated Wall Street and its global accolytes would do well not to forget. The words 'Trojan' and 'horse' come to mind.

Data sourced from: People's Daily (China); additional content by WARC staff