BEIJING: Ma Kai, minister of China's State Development and Reform Commission revealed on Saturday that the tightly-reined communist nation is set to achieve year-on-year growth of 10.5% in 2006, lifting GDP to an eyewatering 20 trillion yuan ($2.56tr; €1.93tr; £1.31tr).

Speaking at the National Development and Reform conference, Comrade Kai claimed this supersonic growth had not triggered inflation. Stable economic management had benefited the people and will drive future development, he propagandized.

Nonetheless, Kai warned that the basis for economic development is not solid enough. The rate of GDP growth is still too fast, and the cost is too high. [He omitted to say what cost: The environment? Human rights? The colossal East-West trade imbalance?]

"It's necessary to keep clear-headed," said the minister.

Data sourced from People's Daily Online; additional content by WARC staff