China, home of exquisite jade artefacts, lacquer ware, porcelain pottery and silks. Also sqillions of fake Porker pens, iPad music players, Rulex watches and other objects of bamboozled desire.

But no longer the latter lot, promises the government of the People's Republic - suddenly overcome with remorse after tolerating decades of brand ripoffs.

According to press reports, the Chinese government has adopted a series of effective measures to step up investigation and punishment of brand infringement cases and expand the scope of protection of well-known trademarks.

In 2004, claims the administration, a total of 5,401 foreign-related trademark infringement cases were investigated and punished, increasing by nearly 160% over the 2,092 cases recorded in 2003.

China began half-heartedly to protect well known trademarks in 1985 and in 2004 legally recognized twenty-eight well known foreign trademarks.

So that's OK then. Unilover, Caca-Cula and Nüstle, you can relax at long last.

Data sourced from People's Daily Online; additional content by WARC staff