It's not just pandas that China is seeking to protect, but the image of its top historical and cultural sites within Beijing.

That's the Government's rationale for banning outdoor advertising in Tian'anmen Square and Chang'an Avenue, China's widest street which goes through the square.

Vehicles passing the area are also banned from displaying ads, while advertising is forbidden at Beijing's interchanges and overpasses.

In addition, outdoor ads will be prohibited from sites of political interest such as foreign embassies, as well as schools, scenic sites and cultural relics.

The Beijing Municipal Outdoor Advertising Management Measures, which take effect from October 1, are an extension of the removal of ads that began at the 50th anniversary of the People's Republic of China in 1999.

Zhou Jidong, director of the government's Legal Affairs Office, believes the move will avoid a negative influence on areas that host important political and cultural events such as the annual National People's Congress.

Data sourced from: People’s Daily Online; additional content by WARC staff