GENEVA: Despite the predicted slowing of global growth to a six-year nadir of 4.5% in 2008, this has not impeded China from ousting the US as  the planet's second biggest exporter after Germany

So reports the Swiss-headquartered World Trade Organisation - albeit cautioning that its prediction rests on shifting sands.

It admits that a more marked slowdown in global economic growth "could cut trade much more sharply to significantly less" than the projected level – already well down on last year's 5.5%.

The still-burgeoning Chinese economy recorded a 26% increase in merchandise exports to $1.2 trillion, enabling it to surge ahead of the US as the world's second biggest exporter, breathing down the neck of top-placed Germany's $1.33tr, up by 20%.

The full WTO press release can be downloaded by clicking here.

Data sourced from The Times (UK); additional content by WARC staff