SANTIAGO: Users aged between 15 and 25 accounted for 35% of all minutes spent online in Chile during May 2011, a report from comScore has shown.

During the month, more than 7.3 million Chileans aged 15 or older spent an average of 25.3 hours online, accessing the internet from both home and work, the research firm said. The findings showed that Chilean men and women were equally likely to be online.

By far the most engaged online group in Chile were a group of around one million young men aged 15-24 who spent nearly ten hours longer online than the average, clocking up 34 hours for the month.

Young women of the same age spent an average 31.3 hours online during the same period.

Microsoft sites were the most visited, attracting more than seven million unique visitors across the month.  This represents over 97% of Chile's entire online population.

Google and Facebook sites were almost as popular, reaching 96% and 91% of Chile's web population respectively.

People spent the longest time on Facebook, with the site averaging 487 minutes. This compares favourably with time spent on Microsoft sites (334 minutes) and Google (228 minutes).

But there was a significant difference between the reach of the top three sites and the rest of the pack which included Yahoo, Wikimedia Foundation Sites and VEVO.

There was a corresponding gulf between the time spent on the most popular sites and the other sites.

Brazilian based Terra-Telefónica, was fourth in the rankings, visited by 66% of the Chilean online population who stayed on average for 15 minutes.
It should be noted that this study does not include online activity in Chile accessed from public internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff