The apparently insatiable consumer demand for cellphone content is to be met by media giants News Corporation and CBS Corporation.

Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp has just launched Mobizzo, a content company offering Cingular or T-Mobile customers games, ring tones, screen savers and video clips plus street art and tattoo designs. Average monthly subscriptions will cost $5.99 (€5; £3.40).

Meanwhile, CBS, recently spun off from Viacom, is launching CBS News to Go and ET to Go.

Both offerings will be advertising-free but neither has ruled out ad support in the future.

Opines Jeff Marshall, svp-director at Starcom MediaVest: "More than likely the advertising model is going to prevail over time."

He adds optimistically: "Ultimately, the model is going to play out where there will be pay-per [content], advertising and everything in between."

And John Stratton, cmo at Verizon Wireless, says the telco is currently experimenting with a two-tier content service for subscribers, one supported by ads and a more expensive service without ads.

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff