NEW YORK: Marketers' new-found fondness for cellphone advertising is not an enthusiasm universally shared by consumers, according to a survey recently carried out by US researcher Harris Interactive.

When 4,000 adults were asked about different forms of cellphone ads, from text links tied to search results to a promo ad when switching-on the phone, the overwhelming majority of respondents found them "not acceptable at all".

A video clip appearing from a retail store nearby proved very unpopular, with 84% of respondents saying it was unacceptable.

But, avers Greg Sterling, principal of Sterling Market Intelligence: "…When people are confronted with the idea of advertising on the mobile phone in the abstract, they don't like it.

"When presented with relevant advertising when they're looking for something, they're much more accepting in practice."

Data sourced from Adweek (USA); additional content by WARC staff