The enduring attraction of celebrity endorsement was one of the consumer trends identified from an analysis of the most-read articles viewed on Warc during the year.

A strategy briefing from Euromonitor, Celebrity power and its influence on global consumer behaviour discussed the influence of celebrities on consumer behaviours, giving a breakdown of different types of celebrities and how their profiles can be used in marketing.

In second place was a Market Leader article which discussed The rise of the hybrid consumer . These are the sort of people who are happy to spend heavily on the latest Apple product but also to save money on their weekly grocery shop by going to discounters such as Lidl and Aldi.

Third place was taken by The UK in 2014: Marketing to the post-recessionary consumer, which examined the long term impact of the recession in the UK, and which of the recent consumer trends are specific to the recession and which are independent of it.

From the Journal of Advertising Research, the fourth most-read paper reassessed the concept of consumer moments of truth in the digital age. A new model integrates variables such as shared brand experience and searchable electronic word of mouth.

Finally, another Euromonitor Strategy Briefing looked at The Global Later Lifers Market and the large numbers of 'healthy and wealthy' older people, who have considerable consumer spending power. For this group maintaining health, making the most of free time and keeping in touch with family are key priorities.

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Data sourced from Warc