The recent decision by Havas Advertising to axe its worldwide Diversified Agencies Group [WAMN: 03-Oct-01] has resulted in the departure of DAG’s former chairman and chief executive Jean-Michel Carlo .

Although Havas - the globe’s sixth largest agency conglomerate - has stated its intention to integrate the former DAG shops into its Euro RSCG, Arnold Worldwide and Media Planning Group networks, the sword of Damocles remains suspended over the heads of its two flagship direct marketing agencies.

Some insiders, perhaps in pursuit of their own expansionist agenda, are predicting a merger between US-headquartered Brann with London’s ehsrealtime – a scenario that does not appear to over-enthuse Terry Hunt, the latter’s chairman.

“A merger with Brann is one of the things that has been discussed,” admits Hunt, “but there are discussions going on outside the UK. The Brann thing is possible but there are other options for us.”

Meantime Carlo, a former chairman of BDDP in France and chairman/ceo of Young & Rubicam Europe, is expected to re-surface shortly in a high profile role outside of Havas.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)