BANGALORE: Global outsourcer Capgemini expects its Indian headcount to exceed that of France once its new 'business information management unit' in India's Silicon Valley opens for business next year.

India's previously-buoyant business process outsourcing industry has been hit hard by the recession in recent months.

But although many of the sector's biggest foreign clients – the banking multinationals – were forced to reduce or even suspended their offshore outsourcing plans as the downturn hit, recovery is now firmly underway.

IBM, which already employs 74,000 Indian workers, has recently signalled its intention to move more jobs to the continent and professional services firm Accenture is following suit. Lower salaries are one incentive, but the sheer quality of IT professionals is perhaps equally important.

Business information management is a multi-pronged service which helps firms improve their collection, use and analysis of data.

Relying on multiple sources of information -including weather patterns and shipping schedules - to build a more complete picture of business performance, it is becoming a big growth area for Indian IT.

Capgemini aims to raise its total Indian headcount to 21,000 within the next 18 months. In France, the firm's total workforce is 20,000.


Data sourced from Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff