Effective trends in social media and challenges to the marketing industry in 2013 were the two most important subjects for Warc users in Canada this year, although analysis into the future of the fast food sector was also widely read.

Canadian readers checked the Seriously Social Warc Trends Report more than any other, gaining insight into the key issues facing social media marketers as well as information about the heaviest sector and brand users of social media among Warc cases.

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The ten main challenges facing the marketing industry was the subject of the second most-read research paper in Canada and the Warc Trends Toolkit 2013 outlined developments for brands, including how to use social media to drive business results.

How to achieve business return from social media took third position and encouraged marketers to develop a social media strategy that combines a clear vision of what social media will do for the business with a key performance framework to define success.

Coming in fourth was a paper that examined the relatively new discipline of neuromarketing, which assessed the techniques used to measure implicit responses to behavioural tests.

Rounding out the top five was a paper outlining how the fast food industry, particularly in the US, will need to adapt to dramatic demographic shifts, the growth in smartphone usage, consumer demand for healthier options and other emerging trends.

Data sourced from Warc