Campbell Soup is pledging over $60 million (€56m; £38m) in marketing funds to its largest product launch since the 1970s.

The food manufacturer is rolling out an expanded range of convenience soups. It is desperate to crack the on-the-go meals market and resuscitate demand for its products after its North American soup sales slipped 3% in its fiscal first half.

The venture involves broadening the Soup at Hand range it launched last year (soups in cola can-like microwavable containers) and including a disposable bowl with its Chunky and Select lines.

Campbell, the longstanding leader in the $3.3 billion North American soup sector, has so far struggled to adapt its products to modern eating habits. It estimates that on average people now eat one-quarter of their meals while working, driving or occupied with some other activity.

Soup at Hand was initially targeted at working women, not least by stressing its low calorie count. However, the expanded range is also aimed at kids and teenagers, and to this end includes such culinary delights as pizza and taco flavors. Campbell hopes to stalk teen haunts like college campuses, concerts and snowboarding events offering samples of the new lines.

Data sourced from: The Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff