SINGAPORE: Companies that participate in corporate citizenship activities can expect a positive reaction to their brand in Asia-Pacific, according to a recent survey.

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean tech giant, commissioned research firm Kadence Singapore to conduct a poll, covering nine countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania, which found brand perception rises when consumers become aware of a brand's community initiatives.

According to the survey findings, around two-thirds (65%) of consumers in the region believe large corporations have a responsibility to help the community, while almost three-quarters (73%) say these programmes are genuinely beneficial.

Furthermore, it appears APAC consumers are also willing to get involved themselves, with 72% indicating that it is important for them to get engaged with a corporation's citizenship efforts. This rises to 90% in Indonesia and 88% in the Philippines.

That said, it should be noted that Samsung released these details in a press statement that also promoted its own corporate citizenship activities in the region.

For example, Samsung highlighted its involvement in education programmes, such as its network of 160 smart schools, libraries and 20 Samsung Tech Institutes that have been established to help build digital skills.

In addition, the company sought to draw attention to its Samsung SONO schools in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, which support hospitals and medical facilities as a technology partner.

Samsung wanted to check how these and its other corporate citizenship efforts are perceived in Asia-Pacific and it claimed the survey showed that consumers regard the company to be a leader in this field.

According to the research, almost a third (29%) of respondents spontaneously named Samsung as a brand actively involved in CSR, while in a separate list that included technology and non-technology brands, Samsung also led prompted association (45%).

"While it has long been acknowledged that community outreach has an impact on brand awareness and perception, our study reaffirms that consumers still view these activities as integral elements towards a responsible corporate citizen," said Irene Ng, VP Marketing at Samsung SE Asia and Oceania.

"It's heartening to know that consumers recognise the genuine benefit that these programmes have on communities," she added.

Data sourced from Samsung; additional content by Warc staff