FMCG CONSORTIUM Jigsaw plans a major data collection initiative using interactive TV and WAP mo-bile phone technology.

The Unilever / Cadbury / Kimberly-Clark triumvirate will use these latest platforms to accelerate their acqui-sition of data, reportedly because current collection methods via direct mail and its thrice-yearly magazine Voilà! are too slow. The Jigsaw database currently stands at around 8.5m names, of which 50% are house-wives.

Says Jigsaw general manager Liz Harlow: "Relationship marketing by direct mail is going well for us, but it doesn’t fit with the ‘any time, anywhere’ idea of marketing." She sees individually targeted messages via mobiles and interactive TV as the answer, although Jigsaw will first sound-out consumers as to their pre-ferred method of approach. A consumer helpline is on the stocks and an internet version of Voilà! is also un-der consideration.