The 2000 Management Conference of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, currently in full spate (May 11-13), this year made a virtue of necessity and lopped a full day from the event. The decision was taken after the conference hotel at Southampton, Bermuda, was unable to accommodate the 4As for its usual four-day span. So the conference agenda has been trimmed, reassessed, and the focus narrowed to concentrate on just a few key topics.

Asserts O. Burtch Drake, AAAA president and chief executive: "It's a good time to experiment with the format …make it more like the format of our media conference." [That meeting lasts two and a half days and usually draws about 1,000 attendees.] "Our next two management conferences, for 2001 and 2002, are now scheduled to run three and a half days each because the hotels were booked that way", Mr. Drake said. "But if we think the new format is a better way to go, that can be reconsidered."

This year's shorter two-day program, Entering the New Millennium, features client and agency perspectives on advertising creativity and also addresses the implications of digital communications on advertising agencies. The Association will also present its annual O'Toole Awards for creative excellence.

News source: New York Times