ATLANTA: CNN has recorded a 250% increase in ads from traditional and renewable energy companies in the last five years. It says this trend is in-keeping with a company survey that found consumers favour trusted sources of TV and online information for advice on being "green".

The energy sector has rapidly climbed the list of CNN's top advertising categories, be it in the form of TV ads or via a content-driven strategy.

CNN International's senior vice president, advertising sales, Max Raven, says: "Five years ago, energy was our seventh largest sector advertiser and it's now ranked third."

"We've had long-standing commercial partnerships with traditional energy companies like Shell, but now we're seeing an influx of renewable energy companies advertising with us either through spot campaigns or branded content."

Respondents in a recent CNN online survey were also said to favor established media outlets over user-generated content when it came to gaining an insight into environmental matters.

Participants also said that the government should be at the forefront of tackling current environmental problems – though 92% agreed that the incumbent regime was not doing enough – followed by companies, and then individuals.

The auto industry was one category that consumers felt could heighten its environmental efforts, but auto manufacturers were also said to be the sector that was currently putting the greatest emphasis on dealing with ecological issues.

Data sourced from M&M Global; additional content by WARC staff