As the networks shutter the upfront ad shop for another year, some are going home with more candy in their pockets than others [WAMN 15-Jun-04].

CBS proudly revealed its "winnings" of $2.4 billion (€2bn; £1.3bn), a gain of 8% on last year's $2.2bn. Its strong performance comes from selling 85% of primetime inventory with cost-per-thousand increases of 10%.

Sibling Viacom network UPN also saw increased revenues: 40% up from last year with upfront primetime sales of $350m.

Together, the two networks saw increased ad expenditure in retail and telecommunications, and -- for CBS –- cars and movies/DVDs.

ABC's attempt to inflate upfront total figures with sports ads sales does not hide a disappointing performance this year. It sold 5% less inventory than last year and saw CPM increases of 5%-6%, taking home a final total of $1.5-$1.6bn.

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