CBS – the TV network which has most obstinately opposed price-cuts in this year’s upfront season [WAMN: 21-Jun-01] – has reportedly reduced its CPM by 2%–5% in some deals.

Industry insiders claim that CBS has so far shifted around 50% of its inventory, bringing in $500–$600 million – well below the $1.6 billion the network garnered last year. Over $100m of this year’s haul is thought to have been attributable to reality show Survivor, with a further $65m from the recently forged cross-media deal between Viacom (the network’s parent) and Procter & Gamble [WAMN: 31-May-01].

However, CBS would not comment on its upfront performance, and denied making discounts, insisting: “We haven’t made price concessions.”

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline