HONG KONG: Agencies must address "an apparent lack of consumer trust in digital advertising" in order to capitalise on the new technology's long-term potential, the CASBAA conference heard yesterday.

Bernhard Glock, president of the World Federation of Advertisers, told delegates that the basic principles of consumer insight and engaging content had not changed and added that the "30-second ad will continue to be an important part of any advertiser's message."

While he believed there was "a digital competence gap" between specialist media agencies and less media-savvy advertisers, Glock stressed that a return to basics was now in order to maintain the trust of customers.

Although other panellists called on digital practitioners to speak in a language understood by the average advertiser and to abandon what one called "the obsession with click-based search," Anthony Fitzerald, chief executive of the Multi Channel Network, believed there should be no distinction between traditional and digital marketing.

"TV is about to enter a new golden era," he said, "and the experience that it can offer has never been better."

"Online advertising complements that of TV very well and we believe that both are going to show good growth in the years to come." 

Data sourced from MediaAsia; additional content by WARC staff