The proliferation of convenience foods now vying for consumer favor has badly eroded sales of Campell’s condensed soups – long the bottom-line mainstay of the Camden, New Jersey-based canned foods company.

Desperate to reverse its sales decline, the company and long-serving ad agency BBDO have disinterred an antiquated favorite slogan from the 1930s: M'm! M'm! Good! Even the radio jingle of the time has been resuscitated for a make-or-break TV campaign due to go on-air today.

According to Andrew Hughson, Campbell's president for US soups and sauces, the reincarnation "brings a lot of very positive reminders of the not-too-distant past". Mustering every ounce of positive thinking, Hughson believes M'm! M'm! Good! suggests “leadership and stature and responsibility, and reinforces the emotional attributes of the product.”

Campbell refused to disclose the expenditure on its new campaign, saying only that it is a "significant increase" on recent adspend. The company spent $105 million on soup advertising in 1999, down 16% from 1998, records Competitive Media Reporting.

News source: Wall Street Journal