RED FACES AND VIVID scarlet backsides [that would drive a male baboon into a sexual frenzy] were much in evidence on 30 March at Camelot, organisers of the National Lottery, whose live draw on BBC1 the previous Saturday night turned into a débâcle as balls numbered from 41 to 50 were inadvertently omitted when the third number was drawn. A second, correctly executed, draw took place although not until the show had gone off-air. It was held in the presence of auditors from Oflot and top accountants Price Waterhouse. Camelot has issued assurances that they will use their own corporate funds to ensure that no charity or individual ticket-holder is out of pocket as a result of the error. Oflot, the lottery watchdog, has already launched an official enquiry as to what went wrong and how; 'We are concerned about what happened and have made it clear to Camelot that this must not happen again. We are also concerned that charities do not suffer but Camelot is bearing the full cost of the error.'