Diageo-owned fast food chain Burger King has inked a five-movie marketing deal with DreamWorks SKG, thought to be worth up to $120 million in paid media to the studio.

The pact with BK covers DreamWorks’ next five animated releases, the first of which is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The duo are no strangers – BK was lead corporate promotional sponsor on two of the studio’s recent titles, Chicken Run and Shrek.

Although the deal is similar to that between McDonald’s and Disney, it allows BK to sponsor films by other studios, a liberty not granted to McDonald’s.

“We were never really trying to compete with the McDonald’s and Disney deal,” revealed Anne Globe, head of marketing and promotion at DreamWorks Consumer Products. “We don’t have as many movies. This deal gives us the ability for longer term strategic planning.”

News source: AdAge.com