Brand purpose, behavioural economics and car advertising were three topics that particularly caught the interest of Admap readers this year, according to analysis of the most-read articles on Warc.

The single most-read article was also the winner of the 2014 Admap Prize. The age of less: How brands are built in the digital age, by GALKAL's Megan Averell, argued that brands have failed to live up to the promise that digital would change how they are built. 

In future, Averell added, brands should adapt to the digital age by being restrained in their marketing and avoiding false emotional promises.

Second on the rankings for 2014 was Brand equals image, in which veteran planner Paul Feldwick also analysed brand purpose. Feldwick argued that many visual identities for brands do not adequately reflect the brand's values. 

New research techniques was also a major theme in the top download rankings, with Nudge them into switching, an article by GFK's Colin Strong, third on the rankings. This article describes how behavioural science can be used by marketers to overcome consumers' "default" brand loyalty. 

Rounding out the top five papers for the year were two articles that focused on marketing cars. In fourth was How automotive advertising works, an analysis of IPA Effectiveness Awards cases by Andy Nairn, founder of Lucky Generals and a former IPA Grand Prix winner. 

Lastly, Driving Digital Success, by Andrew Green of Connect Group, looked into the various digital sources typically used by consumers over the path to purchase of buying a car. 

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2014 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

Data sourced from Warc