The number of Britons surfing the web via broadband connections has surged 60% in the last six months according to NOP World.

The finding is part of NOP’s Internet User Profile Study – which also revealed that over half of British adults are now online [WAMN: 30-Aug-02].

Around three-quarters of high-speed surfers spend more time on the net since converting from narrowband, taking advantage of broadband’s permanent web connection and faster download times.

However, broadband users comprise a paltry 8% of all online Britons, though NOP estimates this will rise to 15% in a year’s time. Nearly one-third of respondents said they are likely to install broadband at home.

The most frequently mentioned factor preventing interviewees making the switch was that they spent too little time on the web to justify installing a high-speed connection. Cost was cited as an obstacle by only around 25%.

“Broadband users are surfing a wider range of sites, and are downloading more and larger files,” declared NOP research manager Carl Geraghty. “The challenge for broadband suppliers, therefore, is to convince all internet users that broadband will make surfing exciting again, not just faster.”

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; additional content by WARC staff