Twelve thousand Britons have given the thumbs-down to advertising executives and journalists – relegated along with politicians and real estate agents to the nethermost depths of a national popularity poll.

The survey, conducted online by BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, invited surfers to nominate their three most and least respected professions from a list of nearly one hundred.

Ad executives and journos languished in the pits of unpopularity, disliked only marginally less than car dealers, company directors and accountants. Almost as loathed by the Great British Public were (in order of scorn) members of parliament, estate agents, government ministers, lawyers and footballers.

No surprises at the opposite end of the scale. The top ten most respected jobs (also in order) were: doctor; nurse; teacher; fireman; paramedic; armed forces; scientist; ambulance driver; police officer; care assistant.

So that, dear reader of World Advertising & Marketing News, puts you firmly in your place. Er – and us!

Data sourced from:; additional content by WARC staff