A study of twenty-one European nations by German research company GfK Marktforschung, reveals what the continent's citizens feel about the barrage of advertisements that envelop them daily.

Leading the ad groupies is the UK, seventy-three per cent of whose populace claims to "generally find ads entertaining". Almost as enthusiastic are the good people of Slovenia (71%) and Portugal (70%).

But in fourteen of the 21 countries polled, a mere 60% were similarly "entertained". The ingrates of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Russia thought ads "boring".

Did they find the volume of advertising excessive? In Spain the answer was an overwhelming 'yes', 92% opining it to be "intrusive". Other would-be ad abstainers were Russia and Italy, where 85% were angered by excessive marketing.

When asked if they "would like to see more advertising", the Brits and Romanians raised their hands – twelve per cent saying it would make their day. Although this scarcely amounts to national enthusiasm, other countries were even less eager. But all respondents agreed that if advertisements are entertaining, they are likely to feel less bothered by them.

Overall, the majority of Europeans believe marketing to be effective in selling the product. Swedes (91%) are the most convinced, followed by 89% of Greeks and the same proportion of Spaniards. At the other end of the scale, the Czechs are the most sceptical (42%) while just over 50% of Italians and Russians felt likewise.

Data sourced from: mad.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff