Dubbed by Napoleon “a nation of shopkeepers”, Britons are currently evolving into a nation of online shoppers – or so reports NetValue in its latest eight-nation survey.

Covering the USA, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK, the study ranks Britons as the leading internet shoppers with almost 76% visiting an e-commerce site during May. Forty-two per cent then proceeded to make a secure connection, signalling their intent to buy. In the US 74% of home users visited a shopping site, but only 28.8% went on to make a secure connection.

Sweden and Denmark continue to lead Europe and the US in terms of internet penetration – respectively 57.6% and 55.5% of all households – although their citizens are wary about online shopping with only 8% of online Danes and 7% of Swedes entering a secure section of visited sites. The US was in third position with 50.6% of households connected.

Number one e-commerce site during May was Germany's Amazon.de which racked-up over 2.5m visitors. The sole travel site in the top ten was Lastminute.com, entered by over one million unique European visitors.

The most enthusiastic surfers are Spaniards. Although fewer in number than elsewhere, they spend more time online and visit more sites than any other Europeans, viewing an average 924 pages over the month with a connection time of 9.4 hours.

News source: Daily Research News Online