LONDON: Few eyebrows will be arched at the results of a new report commissioned by the UK's premier advertising body, the Advertising Association, the key finding of which is that 'consumers welcome advertising as a helpful and informative way to find out about new products'.

Based on a survey by Yougov, the report found that 64% of respondents agree with the above statement, while 59% believe that 'advertising is often entertaining'.

As to advertising and its relationship to media funding, 64% of respondents welcomed the role of advertising in reducing price. Those consumers either supported the ad/media status quo or wanted more advertising to further reduce costs.

Advertising Association ceo Baroness Peta Buscombe, hailed the report saying: "These results are heartening and encouraging for the advertising industry … advertising is clearly seen as an entertaining and useful source of information on products and a vital source of media funding."

As to regulation of the industry, Yougov found that only one in seven respondents felt there should be greater government regulation of the ad industry.

Moreover, 73% recognise that UK advertising is controlled by rules and regulations; while 79% knew that the industry is overseen by regulatory bodies.

Data sourced from multiple origins; additional content by WARC staff