The UK Direct Marketing Association on Wednesday published new research into the national catalogue and home shopping market. According to the DMA, the sector has been much under-researched until now – especially its economic impact in terms of income and employment.

Carried out for the DMA by the Future Foundation, the study’s key findings indicate:

• An estimated £8.5 billion was spent on goods and services through catalogues in 2002 - accounting for 6.4% of all non-food retail in the UK, 3.7% of all retail spending and 1.3% of all spending by consumers

• The home shopping sector provides over 281,000 people with work in the UK, accounting for 1.1% of total employment

• Twelve per cent of all direct marketing revenue can be attributed to the home shopping sector

Says DMA Catalogue & Home Shopping Council chairman Dara O’Malley: “This research … provides a real insight into the home shopping sector and its contribution to the direct marketing industry. The results confirm [it] plays a vital role in the growth of the industry and that it continues to thrive within the current economic climate. This research will provide an important benchmark for future monitoring of the growth and economic impact of this sector.”

With over nine hundred corporate members, the DMA claims to be the largest trade association in the UK marketing communications sector.

Data sourced from: Times Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff