UK households subscribing to cable TV and/or telephony services fell 9.8% to 4.1 million during the final quarter of 2001, reports new data from the Independent Television Commission.

However, homes receiving cable-TV grew 1.5% during the quarter to 3.6m, a far cry from the 6.5% growth recorded in the same quarter in 2000. Over the year as a whole, cable added 190,000 subscribers – compared with 390,000 new digital terrestrial TV subscribers and 1.11m new satellite homes.

51,000 homes deserted ailing cable operator NTL during Q4 2001, although the debt-beset company reported an 11,000 increase in digital TV subscriptions. Twenty-two per cent of all cable homes subscribed to digital pay-TV market as at January 1 2002 – an increase year-on-year of 8.4%.

Overall, the digital cable market rose to two million homes, of which over 225,000 also opted for high-speed internet access.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff