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British Telecom Fights Market Erosion with ITV-BSkyB Deal

News, 12 July 2001

British Telecom, the former state owned telecommunications monopoly, privatised in November 1984, has stood by while smaller rivals have chipped remorselessly away over the past sixteen and a half years at its quondam 100% market share.

Still Britain’s largest telecoms operator by far, the giant has decided to fight back at its legion of Lilliputian (by comparison) rivals – and in particular at the UK’s two cable networks, NTL and Telewest – in a three-way deal with broadcasters ITV and BSkyB.

BT customers, new and extant, will be offered discounted subscriptions to both broadcasters’ pay-TV services including digital. The complete package is expected to be announced shortly.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)