LONDON: Inspired, perhaps, by the successful recent appearance of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on YouTube, Britain's Foreign Office – the traditional career ladder up which scions of the nation's elite stumble toward a knighthood – is set to get funky on the Google-owned portal.
The FO's aim is to communicate more effectively with that transient but much courted  market segment: youth - British and foreign.
Since September, a pilot YouTube channel featuring the nation's finest has bombarded adolescents worldwide with such ephemera as the ad hoc thoughts of youthful-looking David Miliband (42), secretary of state for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
Plus observations from assorted ambassadors, lesser FO mortals and politicos, and advice for potential tourists.
Possibly with the aid of CGI wizardry, it the channel will attempt to make British diplomats seem more modern and approachable.
Indeed Miliband himself, in one of his many blogs, expresses the  hope that the initiative will reveal to the public "the secret garden of diplomacy". An outcome that unlikely to please the traditionally zip-lipped army of FO mandarins.
Some content will be directed at Arab and Iranian youth in the hope of repairing the damage to Britain's image in the Islamic world by its adventuring in Iraq.

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